Miraex in Top 10 startup

May 1, 2020

Miraex is on the Top 10 startup of the Swiss Venture 2020 competition

May 1st 2020 – Miraex has been nominated as part of the top 10 Swiss startup in the “Industrial and Engineering” section. Venture 2020 is the biggest national startup competition that selects the most promising startups since more than 20 years, where many of those have performed tremendously over the last two decades through strong growth, successful acquisition or IPO.

About Venture 2020

>>venture>> is the leading competition for up-and-coming entrepreneurs in Switzerland. Founded by Dr. Thomas Knecht in 1997, the competition empowers young innovators to develop their business ideas into startup companies. A joint initiative of ETH Zürich, McKinsey & Company, Knecht Holding, Innosuisse and EPFL >>venture>> has been led by the >>venture foundation>> since 2013.