Miraex joins EVOLEN’UP energy start-up incubator

October 12, 2020

Miraex supports a clean energy transition towards a sustainable future

Amongst a few highly innovative startups, Miraex was selected to participate in the EVOLEN’UP tech startups incubator and to benefit from its follow-up process.

This year, only startups providing key solutions to “decrease the emission of carbon through logistical activities” and enabling a larger “role of hydrogen in the energy transition” were selected and will be supported by major energy industry players like Total, TechnipFMC, Saipem, Subsea7, GRDF, Schlumberger, IFP, CETIM, IXblue…

“The French oil, gas and renewable energy industry’s many strengths include a great capacity for innovation, which has enabled it to meet the growing needs for high quality and safety standards. Moreover, its technological expertise and know-how have a broad range of applications in new energy sources.” – Jean Ropers, President of EVOLEN.

In the coming years, the shift towards cleaner green energy and pressure for costs’ reductions will require technological advancements in the fields of energy production, storage and utilisation efficiency. Demand for energy storage technologies particularly in front-of-meter (FTM) locations has boomed in the last few years due to the large-scale development of renewable energy. The main issues are the energy storage density capacity and high costs. Some promising actors are already appearing and the global hydrogen energy storage market is projected to reach more than USD 18.2 billion by 2024 from an estimated USD 13.7 billion in 2019, at a CAGR of 5.8% during the forecast period.

The future of energy is getting clearer and clearer: key energy leaders like Total and Technip are massively investing in wind turbines, solar and hydrogen. An entire infrastructure ecosystem (hydrogen/electrical gas station) is being set up and end-users products are becoming massively electrical and hydrogen compatible. Today, both electrical and hydrogen cars, trucks, supertankers and planes are already available on the market ; on windy days, existing EU wind turbines infrastructure can already cover up to 25% of the entire EU needs.

Clearly, the energy market will evolve faster than ever before in the coming years.

ZeroAvia is a leader in zero-emission aviation, focused on hydrogen-electric aviation solutions to address a variety of markets.

In the development of these technologies and in the energy industry, real-time asset monitoring and predictive maintenance solutions are key to maintain maximum efficiency and minimum operating costs :

  • The presence of harsh environments like explosive atmosphere (ATEX), highly flammable gases (for example hydrogen or methane), high electro-magnetic fields, high temperatures, high humidity etc. where classical electronics-based sensors cannot function properly, makes monitoring very difficult, except for the intrinsically safe Miraex photonics sensors.
  • High costs of maintenance: remote locations (offshore wind farms for example), hurricanes and extreme weather conditions with strong winds can cause very expensive accidents with sometimes human casualties.
  • Collecting, processing and analysing large quantities of data is required because of infrastructures’ complexity.

With the support of EVOLEN’UP and its expertise covering the entire fields of hydrocarbons (exploration, production, development, logistics, refining, distribution) and green energies (offshore and onshore wind turbines, marine energy, energy storage …), Miraex targets to accelerate its implementation in industry applications, looking forward to a sustainable future.

About Miraex

Miraex provides full sensing solutions to enable advanced predictive maintenance, asset monitoring and anomaly detection, specifically in extreme environments. The solution combines the company’s unique proprietary Photonics Sensors and Machine Learning.

A number of environmental parameters can be monitored: vibration, acceleration, acoustic, pressure, electrical field and temperature. The sensor’s advantages include intrinsic safety in the harshest environments (explosive, high voltage, high EM field, high pressure, high/low temperature), superior sensitivity and small footprint (few mm). Those sensors combined with purpose-built Machine Learning algorithms provide actionable data, solving customer use cases.


EVOLEN’s main goals are to disseminate scientific and technical knowledge among its individual members, to foster the development of inter-professional networks and to support the international expansion of its corporate members, notably small and medium-sized enterprises.

To know more about EVOLEN, please visit: https://www.evolen.org


To know more about EVOLEN’UP startup incubator, please visit: https://www.evolenup.com/