Miraex onboards with ESA

May 28, 2020

Miraex joins the European Space Agency Business Incubation

Miraex has been granted to join the ESA – European Space Agency – Business Incubator. This is a major milestone for the company, opening doors to the entire aerospace industry and a validation of the perfect fit of Miraex products for this market.

Indeed, Miraex photonics sensing solution is providing customers access to data that no other can, specifically in harsh environments : extreme temperatures, explosive/ATEX and high electromagnetic field.

Miraex full stack solution is based on a proprietary ultra-small, ultra-sensitive and intrinsically safe MOMS (Micro-Opto-Mechanical System) photonics sensors combined with dedicated machine learning algorithms running in a scalable cloud IoT platform, enabling key benefits for customers in terms of improved predictive maintenance, operation efficiency and smart anomaly detections.

About ESA Business Incubation Center Switzerland

The ESA Business Incubation Centre Switzerland (ESA BIC Switzerland https://www.esabic.ch) is a nationwide initiative that opened in 2016, powered by the European Space Agency – ESA and one of the world’s leading universities: ETH Zürich. ESA BIC Switzerland is collaborating with Venturelab, Impact Hub Zürich, Venture Kick and AP-Swiss