About Miraex

A diverse team pioneering a sustainable future with photonic and quantum technology

At Miraex, we are on a mission to build photonic and quantum solutions for next-gen sensing, networking and computing.

Miraex technology & production team is composed of highly talented scientists and production-focused engineers, from semiconductor microfabrication and integrated photonics to quantum hardware and computer science.

Common waver-level platform for all our products

Miraex proprietary hardware platform is based on semiconductor wafer-level processes, enabling high volume, compact, high robustness and reproducibility. The company develops its own designs and owns the full manufacturing process for its sensors, transducers and converters.
Miraex operates at a world-class cleanroom facility in Switzerland, enabling to both run high quality production as well as doing quick-turn custom designs for specific customer applications.

Our products and solutions help tackle some of humanity’s most pressing problems

From our investors to our partners, we are dedicated to building a more efficient and sustainable future: optimized and safe factories, supporting the energy transition, help saving food stocks, avoiding environmental accidents, securing critical assets, enabling more powerful and energy-efficient computing,… as well as helping consolidate technological sovereignty and national security for our customers.

Our stellar team is our biggest asset

Commercializing quantum technologies may very well prove the most significant scientific and business achievement of the twenty-first century. Miraex is one of the few companies capable of doing so. It combines advances in engineering, physics, computer sciences and manufacturing. Integrating all these specialties under one roof and in one technology stack allows us to build the best platform and products for our customers. ‍

Our values

Team, trust

Dedicated to make the impossible possible.


We science the sh*t out of things.


Committed to help solve some of the world’s biggest challenges.

Award-winning company with strong support