Miraex graduated from CDL Toronto

May 6, 2020

Quantum stream for fast growing companies

Miraex is proud to announce that it has graduated from Creative Destruction Lab’s Quantum stream. This program is the largest seed stage North America program for companies active in quantum technologies.

Miraex with its quantum transducers for low microwave signal measurement and quantum converters for enabling quantum computer networking provides a breakthrough solution in security, defense and quantum computing fields.

About CDL

Creative Destruction Lab (CDL) is a seed-stage programme for massively scalable, science-based companies.

The Quantum Stream at CDL-Toronto brings together entrepreneurs, investors, leading scientists in quantum technologies, and quantum hardware vendors (D-Wave Systems, IBM Q, Rigetti Computing, and Xanadu) to build ventures in the nascent domain of quantum computing, machine learning, optimization, sensing and other applications of quantum technologies. Participants are eligible for office space in downtown Toronto, and an intensive 4-week technical quantum bootcamp from industry and academic leaders in quantum computing and machine learning.

About Miraex

Miraex develops, manufactures and delivers Photonic Sensing solutions and Quantum solutions for next generation sensing and quantum computing.

Based on its unique and common technology platform, Miraex develops three product families:

  • Photonics Sensing solution for predictive maintenance and asset monitoring
  • Quantum Transducers for microwave sensing
  • Quantum Converters for Quantum computing

Photonics sensing Solution: Giving customers access to data that no other can, specifically in harsh environments : extreme temperatures, explosive/ATEX, chemical, magnetic field, high voltage…. Miraex full stack solution is based on a proprietary ultra-small, ultra-sensitive and intrinsically safe MOMS (Micro-Opto-Mechanical System) photonics sensors combined with dedicated machine learning algorithms running in a scalable cloud IoT platform, enabling key benefits for customers in terms of improved predictive maintenance, operation efficiency and smart anomaly detections.

Quantum Transducers solution: Provide un-met detection sensitivity for low-energy microwave signal, typically used in MRI and radar applications.

Quantum Converters (so-called “flying qubit”): Enable Quantum Computers networking, which is the capability to connect distant Quantum computers and share their calculation power to exponentially increase their process-solving capabilities. Ultimately leading to the Quantum internet.