Photonic sensing & distributed quantum computing solutions

Miraex develops photonic sensing & distributed quantum computing solutions

All our products use photons (i.e. light), which makes our fiber optic sensors intrinsically safe and operational in many harsh environments.

Our technology is at the confluence of optics and micro-systems, allowing integration of bulky components/functions onto millimeter-scale using traditional semiconductor fabrication techniques.

Fiber Optic Sensors

We enable you to monitor critical assets and processes directly at their core.

 We offer a complete sensing solution that allows the measuring point to be located at your asset’s heart, and delivers digital data and alerts to your systems.

Quantum Transducers & Converters

We enable you to connect the microwave and optical domain, at the quantum level.

 We develop a bi-directional quantum converter that unlocks distributed quantum computing and sensing of extremely low energy signals at quantum level.



Photonic sensors use photons (i.e. light) while electronic or piezo sensors use electrons. It means within the sensor and the fiber optic cable connecting the sensor to our edge computer we have only light and nothing else. Photons are immune to electromagnetic interference (EMI), radiation, high-voltages, high/low temperatures and more. This makes our solution safe and operational in many harsh environments.

Many companies are designing sensors, but only few of them master photonic sensor design, manufacturing and packaging. Several technologies can be used to build photonic sensors, all having pros and cons. Miraex has made the choice to develop a technology that is scalable using traditional semiconductor fabrication techniques . Integrating the light source, the sensor and the computing electronics onto millimeter-scale package products is within our reach creating a new paradigm for photonic sensors.

Despite harsh environments are some of the most dangerous places for workers and usually have a very high energy consumption; their monitoring is not as good as it could be due to lack of suitable sensing solutions. This can be due to existing sensors capabilities or price.

Being driven by the objective of building a scalable design (as fully automated and using traditional semiconductor fabrication techniques), Miraex is making photonic sensors as affordable and reliable as electronic sensors.

This allows the industry to monitor harsh environments at their core for an affordable price.